Monoclonal Antibody Customized Service

Instruction manual

First Edition (Revised on April, 2016)

Based on sound technology platform and innovative patented technology, Cloud-Clone Crop. developed a high-efficient high polymer complete and incomplete adjuvant for preparation of antibodies, its efficiency is 2-3 times higher than conventional Freund's adjuvant. In addition, in terms of cell fusion, Easy-fusion technique which pocesses characteristics like high-efficient, quick operation and high success rat, was developed. With the application of these reagents and techniques, as well as continuous optimization of production processes, we provide high quality services for our customers in monoclonal antibody customization.

Service items and content

Service itemsMain processesContent of deliveryTime period
Antigen obtained1. Antigen from the customers or antigens customized from our company
2. Antigen processing, eg:  transformation and coupling of small molecules, modifications and coupling of polypeptide, etc.
Antigen preparation and inspection report (For antigen preparation, please check customization service of protein, peptide synthesis and transformation of small molecules)1-4 weeks
Animals immunization1. Physical examination of animals, antigen pre-processed, the company can provide a nano-emulsion technology and high-efficient polymer adjuvant
2. Multiple immunizations, ELISA determination of serum titer

6-10 weeks
Cell fusion and screening1. Easy-fusion - high-efficient integration technology with quick operation and high success rate
2. Screening of positive clones
Serum titer report1-2 weeks
Ascites preparation and antibody purification1. Select one or more strains of hybridoma cells to inject animals
2. Titer determinated by ELISA
3. Ascites obtaining and antibody purification
1. Ascites test report
2. Antibody
3. Inspection report of antibody
4-8 weeks

Service features

ServicesService features
1. Animal feeding
2. Animal immunization
3. Cell fusion
4. Hybridoma cells screening
5. Preparation of ascites
6. Antibody purification
7. Monoclonal antibody labelng
8. Monoclonal antibody detection
9. Subtype/subclass identification
10. Fragmentation of monoclonal antibodies
1. Cloud-Clone Crop. owes animal company which specialized in animal breeding and experiments, mortality rate of animals is less than 1%.
2. Innovative high polymer complete and incomplete adjuvant, the immune effect is 2-3 times higher than Freund's complete and incomplete adjuvant.
3. Nano-emulsion technology
4. Easy-fusion technology, fast and efficient preparation of hybridoma
5. Providing Protein A, Protein G, antigen-affinity purification and other means of purification
6. Offers various of markers, eg: FITC, HRP, Biontin, Cy3, rhodamine, etc.
7. Offers various of detection methods, eg: Western-blot, ICC/IHC, IP, FACS, etc.
8. Fab or F (ab ') 2 preparation