Polyclonal Antibody Customized Service

Instruction manual

First Edition (Revised on April, 2016)

Polyclonal antibody is a mixture of multiple antibodies from serum of immunized animals. There are several advantages of this kind of antibody, eg, it can recognize more than one epitope,   and cause agglutination and precipitation reactions, it is widely used in the fields of immunology and clinical diagnosis. Cloud-Clone Crop. owns animals company which specialized in animal breeding and experiments, we can provide polyclonal antibody prepared from mouse, rat, goat, chicken, rabbit, guinea pig and etc..Polyclonal Antibody Customized Service

Processes of polyclonal antibody preparation are shown below, and we can also provide personalized customized services for the customers to meet their specific requirements.

The fastest time period of polyclonal antibody preparation: eight weeks
AntigenPrimary immunizationSecondary immunizationAntiserum collectionAntibody purification
Antigen from the customers or antigens customized from our company.Choose the type and  number of experimental animals. Choose adjuvants:  Freund's complete adjuvant or high-efficient complete adjuvant independently developed by our company.Regularly, immunize three times more. Titers are detected by ELISA each time. Choose adjuvants:  Freund's incomplete adjuvant or high-efficient incomplete adjuvant independently developed by our company.Depending on the type and number of animals, the final submission amount and titer may vary.According to customer requirements, Protein A, Protein G, antigen-affinity purification and other ways of purification could be provided.

Services Features

ServicesService features
1. Polyclonal antibody preparation
2. Polyclonal antibody purification
3. Polyclonal antibody Labeling
4. Polyclonal antibody detection
1. Cloud-Clone Crop. owes animal company which specialized in animal breeding and experiments, mortality rate of animals is less than 1%.
2. A variety of animals to choose
3. Innovative high polymer complete and incomplete adjuvant, the immune effect is 2-3 times higher than Freund's complete and incomplete adjuvant.
4. Nano-emulsion technology
5. Protein A, Protein G, antigen-affinity purification and other means of purification method.
6. Offers various of markers, eg: FITC, HRP, Biontin, Cy3, rhodamine, etc.
7. Offers various of detection methods, eg: Western-blot, ICC/IHC, IP, FACS, etc.