Disease Model Customized Service

Instruction manual

First Edition (Revised on April, 2016)


The development of human disease is very complex, to itself as experimental object to in-depth study of the mechanism of disease, the accumulation of clinical experience not only in time and space are limited and many experiments on the moral are restricted. Animal models can provides the basic platform for the study of safety research of drugs, biological products, medical polymer materials, medical materials, chemicals, food additives and human disease.

Service Process

1. Understand customer’s modeling requirements;
2. Technical evaluation and quotation;
3. Animal model construction;
4. Delivery of animal model or samples, records and the experimental report;

Customer supplied material

1. Detailed experimental requirements;
2. Experimental programs and references. (optional)

Service Result

1. Constructed animal models and samples;
2. Modeling data and experimental reports.

Added Services

Various animal models are established according to the demand of the customers, and provide to the drug test, pharmacological and thermodynamic evaluation and medicine generation of dynamics analysis, assist customers in the study of disease occurrence and development mechanism, the search for new drugs for prevention and treatment of diseases.