Protein Activity Test Experiment Service

Instruction manual

First Edition (Revised on April, 2016)


Biological activity of protein is closely associated with its three dimensional structure, group modification, environment, etc, the activity may be influenced by any change of these conditions.With the development of science and technology, especially the breakthrough of in-vitro expression systems, proteins are prepared by biosynthesis rather than chemical extraction, now. But no matter which way we choose to get the target protein, it may cause the protein to lose its original space conformation, the group modification, etc, and these change will lead to the change of protein activity, so we need to evaluate the activity of protein, again. Cloud-Clone Corp. can provide one-stop service of part and complete experiments, such as gene cloning or chemical synthesis, protein expression, target protein activity detection, etc. A variety of protein activity detection experimental program will be provided according to the customers’ specific requirements .

Regular detection methods and applications

Detection methodsApplications
Cell proliferation / inhibition experimentProtein activity assay for specific cells that have the activity in promoting or inhibiting cell proliferation.
Cell stimulation testThere are two main types of applications, one is to stimulate cell differentiation and observe the morphological changes, the other one is to stimulate some cells to produce another cytokine or increase / decrease the expression level of a certain protein in and out the cells.
Transwell chemotaxis experimentProtein activity assay for chemokine family, complements and some interleukins with chemotactic activity.
Transwell invasion testProtein activity assay for tumor cells invasion.
Scratch testProtein activate assay for tumor cells invasion.
Zymography and reverse zymography experimentSuitable for activity detection of certain protein (MMP2, MMP9, etc), and the proteins which can promote tumor cell invasion.
Functional ELISA testActivity detection for some chemokines or receptors on cellular membrane.
OthersSuitable for a series of enzymatic activity verification experiments, protein interreaction experiments that customer can provide the experimental plan and material.

1. All of experimental projects should obey the law.
2. All samples should not be contagious.
3. Personalized experimental scheme could be customized according to customers’ needs.