Immunocytochemistry (ICC) Experiment Service

Instruction manual

First Edition (Revised on April, 2016)


Immunocytochemistry (ICC) is a detection technique combined with cytochemistry and immunological techniques. It is on the basis of specific recognition of antigen and corresponding antibody. ICC could specifically detect intracellular peptides, proteins, membrane proteins and other biological molecules based on chemical chromogenic substances or fluorescent substances.

Available Services

1. Preparation of adherent cells.

2. Preparation of positive and negative samples (including cell culture, cell stimulation, cells transfection, animal models, etc.).

3. Labeling of target antigen or antibody.

4. Special staining for cell structure or organelles.

[Sample requirement]

1. Cells are cultured in plates or dishes. (Detailed technical solutions for preparation of special samples should be provided by customer, infectious samples should be marked). 

2. Please make sure that the cells are not contaminated or infected.

3. Samples can be customized from Cloud-Clone Corp. (including cell culture, cell stimulation, animal models, tissue preparation, etc.).

Experimental procedures and period

Service itemsExperimental procedureScheduled time
Acquisition of sample

1. Customers provide the samples which meet the demand of the experiment.

2. Samples could be customized from Cloud-Clone Corp.   

1. Sample provided by customers, please refer to the receiving time.

2. Customized samples, please refer to scheduled time for customized..

Treatment of sample (optional)Different treatment options are offered for various kinds of samples.   3-10 workdays
Sample fixation Fix sample by corresponding solution.   
Incubation with first antibody or labeled antibodySamples are incubated with antibody of appropriate concentration 
Incubation of Second antibody (Optional) Samples are incubated with secondary antibody of appropriate concentration 
Multiple staining (Optional) We can provide multiple staining for different target molecules, and we also offer nuclear, cell skeleton and other structure staining services to meet customer requirements.
Testing and PhotographObserve by fluorescence microscope  

Remarks: For "optional" option, customers can choose different experimental procedure according to the requirements.

Results Provided to the customer

1. The complete experimental protocol.

2. All the experimental data (including pictures).

3. The remaining reagents and samples.