Flow Cytometry (FCM) Experiment Service

Instruction manual

First Edition (Revised on April, 2016)


Flow cytometry (FCM) is a laser- or impedance-based, biophysical technology employed in cell counting, cell sorting, biomarker detection and protein engineering, by suspending cells in a stream of fluid and passing them by an electronic detection apparatus. It allows simultaneous multiparametric analysis of the physical and chemical characteristics of up to thousands of particles per second. FCM can not only measure the cell size, internal particles of traits, but also can detect cell surface and cytoplasmic antigen, intracellular DNA, RNA content. FCM have been widely used in hematology, immunology, oncology, pharmacology and molecular biology.

Service Contents

Cell Sorting
Cell Apoptosis
Cell Cycle
Immune Cell Typing
Surface Antigen Identification

Service ItemsSample preparationReagents
Cell Sorting ServiceWhole BloodSpecific antibody (provided by customer)
Cell Apoptosis ServiceFreshly cultured cellsAnnexin V-FITC cell apoptosis detection kit
Cell Cycle ServiceTrypsin digestion and make a single cell suspensionRNA enzyme, PI dye, etc.
Immunocytes Typing ServiceCultured cells, stimulated cells, anticoagulant whole blood, tissue homogenateMembrane breaking agent, fixing agent, stimulating agent, specific antibody (provided by customer.
Surface Antigen IdentificationCultured cellsSpecific antibody ( provided by customer)

Sample requirements

Single cell: 1~2 * 106 cells;
Peripheral blood: EDTA or heparin anticoagulant whole blood, 5ml;
Species: human, mouse, rat or rabbit and other species.
Common used fluorescent probes, such as PI (free of charge); special markers, such as CD antibody, the customers should provide them, and our company can purchase them for customers; Antibody should be able to identify the specific antigen on samples.

Customer Supply

Samples,such as whole blood, cells etc.
Please provide sample information and processing method, etc.

Service Results

Provides complete experimental protocol, data and images.