Cell Function Experiment Service

Instruction manual

First Edition (Revised on April, 2016)

Service contents

Cell Function Experiment Services as follows:
1. Cell invasion assay
2. Cell wound scratch assay
3. Cell proliferation assay
4. Cell growth-inhibitory curve
5. Cell growth curve
6. Cell apoptosis assay
7. Cell activity assay
8. Cell infiltration assay etc..

Cell cultureFor consultting
Assay after adding drugs2 weeks
Proliferation / Activity assay (MTT)1 week
Activity Assay for cells (MTS)1 week
Proliferation / Toxicity assay (CKK8)1 week
Apoptosis assay (Tunel)2 weeks
Flow cytometry2 weeks
Testing for agarose gel electrophoresis2 weeks
Cell growth curve1 week
Cell proliferation or proliferation-inhibitory curve1 week
Cell Invasion assay (Transwell)3 weeks
Cell infiltration assay3 weeks
Cell wound scratch assay2 weeks

Provided by customer

1. Cell lines for assay or disposing (Our company can provide common used cell lines).
2. Drugs and experiment scheme for cell experiment.

Service results

1. Providing the experimental data and images.
2. Providing the test report.