Immunoprecipitation (IP) Experiment Service

Instruction manual

First Edition (Revised on April, 2016)


Immunoprecipitation is a method for purification and enrichment of target protein by based on the specific reaction of antigen and antibody. Antigen (target protein) from samples combined with specific antibody will lead to antigen-antibody complex formation, and then, the antigen-antibody complex will be purified through binding to agarose beads which are coupled with Protein A/G or secondary antibody. The purified antigen-antibody complex could be analyzed by SDS-PAGE, Western blotting, mass spectrumetry and etc. to purify the target protein, and detect the protein qualitatively.
Cloud-Clone Corp. can provide one-stop service for part or the whole of immunoprecipitation experiments, such as the preparation of antigen and antibody, the preparation of positive sample, the treatment of tissue and cell lines, conjunction of protein A/G or secondary antibody to agarose beads etc. A variety of experimental protocols could be provided according to the requirements of the customers.


1. Preparation of antigen or antibody.
2. Preparation of the positive sample (including cell culture, cell stimulation, cells transfection, animal models, etc.).
3. Conjunction of Protein A/G or secondary antibody to agarose beads.
4. Analysis of SDS-PAGE, Western blotting, Mass spectrometry, etc.


1. Provide the cell or tissue lysate, etc. (Detailed technical solutions need to be provided for preparation of special samples, infectious samples have to be marked).
2. Sample treatment service is provided for fresh samples of cells or tissues.
3. Samples can be customized from Cloud-Clone Corp. (including cell culture, cell stimulation, animal models, tissue preparation etc.).


Service itemsExperimental procedureTime period
Acquisition of sample1. Customers provide the samples which are compliance with the experiment requirements
2. Samples are customized from Cloud-Clone Corp.
1. Sample provided by customers, according to the receive time;
2. Customized samples, according to customized service period.
Treatment of sample (optional)Different treatment options could be used for various samples.5-10 workdays
Preparation of beadsConjugate the primary antibody or Protein A/G to agarose beads
ImmunoprecipitationSelect the appropriate concentration of antibody to incubate with the antigen in the sample, antigen-antibody complex is obtained
Analysis of target proteinIncluding SDS-PAGE, Western blotting, Mass spectrometry, etc.

Remarks: For "optional" option, customers can choose different experimental procedure according to the requirements.


1. The complete experimental protocol.
2. All the experimental data (including picturs).3. The remaining reagents and samples bought or customized from Cloud-Clone Corp.