Analysis Equipment Modified / Customized Service

Instruction manual

First Edition (Revised on April, 2016)

For both standardized and non-standardized equipment, customization or modification service can be offered according to the requirements of customers.
The equipment types which can be customized or modified are listed as below :
1)Weak light detection
2)Colorimetric detection
3)Liquid distribution
4)Constant temperature
5)Quality determination
6)Volume determination
7)Temperature and humidity control
8)Purification safety
9)Microscopic imaging
10)Equilibrium centrifugation
11)Sample treatment
12)Other special functions

Modification items for common equipment are listed as below:

Instrument NameModification ItemScheduled Time (weeks)
Microplate readerAdding filter1-2
Microplate washerAdding pipeline1-2
Chemiluminescence  apparatusChanging photocell3-4
ELISA workstationAdding filter or nozzle1-2
CentrifugeChanging swivel1-2
PCR amplifierChanging thermometer mode2-3
LyophilizerChanging the material entrance1-2
Refrigerating equipmentChanging compressors1-2
Gel imagingChanging the focal length1-2
Ultrasonic processorChanging the power1-2
Liquid chromatographyChanging air/liquid pump2-3
Ultraviolet detectorChanging light source1-2
Electronic balanceChanging constant current/ voltage power supply1-2
Cell incubatorChanging sensors1-2
SpectrophotometerChanging wavelength of light source1-2
MicroscopeChanging lens3-4
ShakerChanging speed governor1-2
DispenserAdding distribution head1-2
Peristaltic pump / constant flow pumpChanging the pump head1-2
Electrophoresis apparatusChanging constant current source1-2
Super clean benchChanging purification unit2-3
SlicerCustomization of precision parts1-2
Peptide synthesizerChanging liquid pump1-2
Water quality analyzerChanging sensor1-2