Anxiety and Depression Behavioral Experiment Service

Instruction manual

First Edition (Revised on April, 2016)

Experimental methodsExperimental apparatusBrief introductionApplication
Elevated plus-maze testElevated plus mazeElevated plus maze is to evaluate the anxiety state of animals, this test is based on animal's characteristics that animal will form a conflict beacause its exploration in new environment and the fear of high open arms.Elevated plus maze is widely used in scientific research on new drug development, pharmacology, toxicology, preventive medicine, neurobiology, animal psychology.
Tail suspension testTail suspension test systemTail suspension test system is suitable for rat, mouse or other laboratory animals, by fixing the animal tail to make its head hanging down, then record a series of parameters about animals in this environment of a desperate state.Widely used in primary screening for antidepressants.
the light-dark transition testthe light-dark transition test systemRodents are inherently uncomfortable with bright lighting areas and have the tendency to explore new environments spontaneously, which making black and white boxes an easy-to-use test instrument without the need for pre-training of is widely used in study on learning and memory, Alzheimer's disease, intelligence and aging, new drug development / screening / evaluation, pharmacology, toxicology, preventive medicine, neurobiology, animal psychology and behavioral biology and other disciplines of scientific research.