Drug Addiction Behavioral Experiment Service

Instruction manual

First Edition (Revised on April, 2016)

Experimental methodsExperimental apparatusBrief introductionApplication
Conditioned place preference testConditioned place preference systemIn this experiment, the experimental animals were placed in the white observation area of the conditional position preference box and the psychiatric drug was given and then the activity of the experimental animals in the black area and the white area of the box in the conditional position was observed.The white area, the black area and the gray areas,a small door between them for animals to free shuttle. Each time the animal is in the administration area, the position of the black and white fields is preferentially influenced by the reward effect of the drug, which is related to the mental dependence of the drug.It can be applied to the scientific research and teaching of many disciplines such as drug addiction, pharmacology, toxicology, learning and memory / senile dementia, new drug development / screening / evaluation, preventive medicine, neurobiology, animal psychology and behavioral biology.
Climbing wall behavior testClimbing wall behavior monitoring instrumentClimbing wall behavior is mainly seen in some drug-dependent animal experiments that suddenly disrupted  the animal drug treatment.Mainly applied to explore animals on drug dependence.