Neuropsychiatric Disorder Behavioral Experiment Service

Instruction manual

First Edition (Revised on April, 2016)

Experimental methodsExperimental apparatusBrief introductionApplication
open field testSpontaneous activity open field open field analysis systemOpen field test is a method to evaluate the independent behavior ,exploratory behavior and tension of experimental animalsin in new environment.OFT has a very wide range of application of mice behavior research and is extended to neurological and psychopharmacological research.
Hole-board testHole board systemThis experiment is used to study the behavior of mice in the face of a new environment, which in line with Biossier-Simon's proposed method.New drug screening, research on pharmacology and central nervous system excitability or inhibition .
Joint opening experimentJoint opening experiment systemThe Joint opening experiment system is a multi-functional system which combine the open field test with the hole board test, the open field test is to observe the experimental animal nerve spirit changes and  the various acts  after into the open environment , the hole board test is mainly to observe theexploration behavior of  animal.It is mainly used for study on pharmacology, toxicology, learning and memory / Alzheimer's disease, new drug development / screening / evaluation, preventive medicine, neurobiology, animal psychology, behavioral biology and so on.
Startle conditioning reflex testStartle conditioning reflex test systemThe experiment is used to study the animal's response to abrupt irritation and data analysis.It is widely used in research on drug toxicity, physiological auditory system, neural and behavioral genetics.
Fear conditioning testFear conditioning systemThis experiment is used to study the environmental related conditional fears of small rodents.Screening of antidepressant drug and anti-central nervous system stimulants ,and other related research.