Fatigue Behavioral Experiment Service

Instruction manual

First Edition (Revised on April, 2016)

Experimental methodsExperimental apparatus)IntroductionApplication
Rota-rod testRota-rod fatigue apparatusA simple way to detect the rodents movement function,which can assesse central nervous system disease or damage, and the effect of the drug on motor coordination function and fatigue by measuring the duration of the animal  walking on the drum.1.fatigue test 2.Skeletal muscle relaxation experiment 3.Central nerve suppression experiment 4.Other experiments that require exercise to detect drug effects
Forced swimming testExperimental animal swimming poolSmall animals swimming training is known for its mini-stimulus, small damage, large exercise load, easy to achieve and so on. It is a conventional sports training means to train small experimental animals such as mice and rats.Sports medicine, sports life sciences, nutrition and pharmacology and other related sports and fatigue testing
Treadmill testAnimal treadmillSmall animal treadmill test is mainly used for experimental animals such as rats or mice for running exercise training, which can replace the traditional swimming training, thus making  the training intensity indicators more accurate.Experiment on physical, endurance, sports injuries, nutrition, drugs, physiology and pathology
Rats running wheel testRats running wheel machineRats running wheel test can accurately reflect the physiological state of animal exhaustion.Testing on fatigue exhaustion and anti-fatigue drug screening
Mice wheel fatigue testMice wheel fatigue machineMice wheel fatigue test is a research method which was designed based on the physiological characteristics of the mouse a good climber poor runner to explore small animals fatigue.Research on sports medicine, anti-fatigue drugs, muscle relaxants drugs, nervous system drugs and studies on changes of physiological indexes under different exercise intensity and effects of drug toxicity on exercise performance of experimental animals.
Sleep-deprivation testSleep deprivation test systemSleep is necessary to restore the energy, sleep disorders will affect the brain thinking, and lead to disease, then the human body from healthy to sub-health, and even disease state, sleep deprivation experiment is the necessary way to study sleep disorders.)Sleep disorders or fatigue studies