Antigenic Transformation Customized Service

Instruction manual

First Edition (Revised on April, 2016)


hemical small molecules are a kind of haptens, they can combine with the products of immune response, but cannot induce immune response, in other words, they have immunoreactivity while don’t possess immunogenicity. However, chemical small molecules can obtain the immunogenicity once crosslink or combine with macromolecular proteins or antigenic polylysine carriers. Over years of study, Cloud-Clone Crop. has accumulated rich experience, and developed a series of technical methods in small molecule antigenic transformation, modification and complete antigen identification, to quickly meet customers’ requirements.

Service items and content

Service itemsMain processesDeliverablesScheduled time
Sample information confirmation1. Determine the purity, concentration and other information of small molecules
2. Confirm experimental scheme

3-5 days
Antigenic  transformation of small molecules1. Selection of connecting arms, connect the small molecules and arms
2. Purification of end-products
1. Qc report of transformed small molecules
2. End-products of transformed small molecules
1-3 weeks
Conjugation of small molecules1. Selection of carrier proteins, conjugate the small molecules to carrier protein
2. Purification of end-products
1. Qc report of conjugated small molecules
2. End-products of conjugated small molecules
1-3 weeks

Service features

1. Antigenic transformation of small molecules
2. Conjugation of small molecules
1.A variety of connecting arms are available for selection
2.Data of MS, HPLC, SDS-PAGE, and others are provided
3. A variety of carriers are provided for conjugation
4. Packing end-products according to customers’ demands
5. All data and figures obtained during the experiments are provided