Chemiluminescent Immunoassay kits, with features of higher sensitivity, wider dynamic range and lower sample consumption

Cloud-Clone Corp.

1. Principle

Chemiluminescence Kit (CLIA Kit) is a kind of sensitive Kit which uses Streptavidin-HRP as enzyme and enhanced ECL chemiluminescent system as substrate reagent.

The assay processes of CLIA Kit is listed below: at first, test samples are added into black opaque microplates which were coated with antibodies; secondly, horseradish peroxidase complex conjugates with specific antibody was added, and then, the un-reacted ingredients were washed away. Thirdly, Luminol chemiluminescent substrate will be added into the microwells, and then relative luminosity values (RLU) will be scanned by photon counter reader, the detection principle of the Kit is showed in Figure 1.

Chemiluminescent detection technology has been considered as the most promising laboratory diagnostic methods because of its high sensitivity and no radioactive contamination.

2. Characteristics

Wide detection range
Due to the wide linear kinetic range of CLIA, it could be used as a solution for two regular problems, one is that when the concentration of protein is higher than the detection range of ELISA, the samples should be diluted before the test, and at the mean while, the second problem is that the samples with low concentration will not be detected after dilution. For instance, human C-reactive protein is an acute phase protein, and its concentration varies for hundreds of times with different states. The CLIA Kit for C Reactive Protein, Human (SCA821Hu ) produced by Cloud-Clone Corp. could be used in detection of different samples with different concentration of CRP by the same dilution.

Small volume of sample:
Generally speaking, there are some kind of special samples, which are quite difficult to obtain, such as urine samples of mouse. The CLIA Kit from Cloud-Clone Corp. could used in the detection of these samples by adding just 50ul of the samples.

High sensitivity
It is quite difficult to detect the concentration of some indicators by ELISA due to its low concentration in samples, such as human chorionic gonadotropin (hcG). However, the CLIA Kit for Chorionic Gonadotropin (CG),SCD216Hu could be utilized in the detection because that its minimum detection range levels at 2.35pg/ml. An illustrative example is listed below:

3. Example:HCG detected by CLIA Kit and ELISA Kit

The result of ELISA Kit displayed that the optical density (OD) value of huO2 and huO3 are 0.160 and 0.170, respectively. And they are out of the range of standard curve.

The result of CLIA Kit displayed that the RLU value of huO2 and huO3 are 465 and 497, respectively. And the concentration could be calculated as 13.55pg/mL and 19.19pg/mL by the standard curve.

supplies thousands of CLIA Kits, which relate to cytokine, hormone, cancer research and so on.