Application of Microcarrier Cell Culture Technology in Antibody Production.

Cloud-Clone Corp.

Microcarrier Cell Culture Technology allows a high yield culture of anchorage-dependent cells. The microcarriers can be maintained in suspension with gently stirring. And cells grow as monolayers on the surface of microcarries. Microcrriers are typically 60-250 micrometre spheres and characterized by non-toxicity and uniform density. The microcarriers are commonly used in the large-scale cell culture for high-yield commercial production of vaccine, genetic  engineering drugs and so on, since cells grow   fig.1. Application of microcarrier cell

as monolayers on the surface of microcarrier    culture technology in Ab production.

to enlarge the attachment surface of cell growth.

It is impossible to fulfill the demand for antibodies product of industrial customers by the traditional antibody preparation methods, such as ascites collection and in-vitro cell culture by incubation bottles. Cloud-Clone Corp. employs the mature micorcarrier cell culture technology and bioreactor system to obtain high-yield antibodies with perfect stability. The fresh cell culture medium can be keep on adding in while the metabolic waste can be sucked away. In this case, the growth condition for hybridoma cells is stable and more and more antibodies are secreted by hybridoma cells, shown in fig.1.

Compared to traditional antibody preparation methods including in-vitro hybridoma cell culture method and ascites collection by injection with hybridoma, microcarrier cell culture has obvious advantages, shown in table 1. Based on the microcarrier cell culture technology and huge resource hybridoma cells, Cloud-Clone Corp. can keep on providing high-quality and good reproducibility antibodies to our industrial customers. In addition, genetic engineering antibodies are being developed, to be continued!

Table1. Comparison for the methods of monoclonal antibody preparation

Ascites collectionTraditional cell cultureMicrocarrier cell culture




Low repeatability 


Good repeatability


Good repeatability

Antibody yield5-20mg/mL          (Ascites: 10-20ml) 0.1-1mg/mL          (Cell culture medium: 1L) 1mg/mL                     (Cell culture medium: 3.5L)
Preparation periods10-15 days3 days3 days
Animal welfareInconformityConformityConformity
Instrument—— —— Bioreactor system
Infection by virus Large possibilityImpossibilityImpossibility

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