Large-scale Production of Monoclonal Antibody

Cloud-Clone Corp.

Antibody preparation technologies have gone three stages of development. The first stage: antiserum preparation or polyclonal antibody preparation by immunizing higher vertebrates. And the second stage: monoclonal antibody preparation based on cell fusion technologies and discovery of mouse myeloma; the third stage: recombinant antibody preparation by gene sequencing and gene library screening technologies. The polyclonal preparation technology can’t be suitable for large-scale production of antibody as to the complex ingredient and poor application of polyclonal Ab. The monoclonal antibody preparation technology is a combination of hybridoma technology and fermentation engineering technologies. Fermentor, instead of the organism are used for antibody preparation. It provides the foundation of large-scale production of antibody. The gene engineering antibody preparation technology can break the species limits of the traditional monoclonal antibody preparation technology. Based on it, gene engineering antibody can be widely used in the medical field. It provides a more efficient and cheaper way for large-scale production of antibody. Cloud-Clone Corp. has developed the platform for monoclonal antibody preparation after years of effort (shown in fig.1).

1. Large-scale preparation of monoclonal antibody based on hybridoma technology

Generally, hybridoma cells were obtained by cell fusion and screening techniques, and the monoclonal antibody was purified from ascite. But there are lots of disadvantages, for instance, low yield, long cycle, various uncertain factors, high failure rate, poor stability among different batches and so on. Based on microcarrier suspension cell culture technique, perfusion suspension cell culture technique and immobilized cell culture technique, technical experts form Cloud-Clone Corp. had solved a series of problems for laboratory and industrial customers. It is not a dream , Cloud-Clone Corp. can provide “gram” level monoclonal antibody with a short lead time.

2. Large-scale preparation of monoclonal antibody based on genetic engineering technology

To a great extent, the traditional monoclonal antibody preparation technology is limited by application of myeloma cells in monoclonal antibody preparation. At present, only mouse monoclonal Ab and rabbit monoclonal Ab can be obtained by traditional preparation method. With the Phage display technology, ribosome display technology, gene sequencing technology, and antibody gene library, technical experts form Cloud-Clone Corp. can accurately obtain the gene sequence of antibody. In addition, most efficient and stable recombinant monoclonal antibody preparation and modification services can be provided by using prokaryotic expression system, yeast expression system, baculovirus-insect cell expression system, mammalian cell expression system and high density cell culture technique.

Cloud-Clone Corp. has broken the species limits of the traditional monoclonal antibody preparation technology to provide the more efficient and cheaper monoclonal antibody preparation services to researchers and industrial customers. 

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