Nectin/Laminin/Osteonectin Antibodies of Cloud-Clone

Cloud-Clone Corp.

Nectins belong to the immunoglobulin superfamily. Nectins are known to mediate cell-cell adhesion and related functions and play important roles in Ca2+-independent intracellular interactions. The nectin family has four members: nectin-1,nectin-2,nectin-3,nectin-4.

Laminin, one of the most widely expressed extracellular matrix proteins, exerts many important functions in multiple organs/systems and at various developmental stages. Laminins are large heterotrimers composed of the α, β and γ subunits with distinct tissue-specifific and developmentally regulated expression patterns.

Osteonectin have a much wider expression pattern in both mineralized and non-mineralized tissues. In the osteoid, osteonectin has been proposed to bind collagen and HA crystals and release calcium ions perhaps enhancing mineralization of the collagen matrix in bones.