Research on Nature shows the risk of anti-vaccine

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An article named ‘The online competition between pro-and anti-vaccination views’ was published on Nature in 13, May, 2020. It shows a big debate of vaccine in public on facebook, and points out potential risk of anti-vaccine and anti-science in the future.


This research is performed in the background of global breakout of SARS-CoV-2, the causal agent of COVID-19, as the researchers worry that opposition to vaccination with a future vaccine against SARS-CoV2 will amplify outbreaks, and want to evaluate how the distrust of science evolves at the system level.


The research provides a map of the contention surrounding vaccines that has emerged from the global pool of around three billion Facebook users. And they find that map reveals a multi-sided landscape of unprecedented intricacy that involves nearly 100 million individuals partitioned into highly dynamic, interconnected clusters across cities, countries, continents and languages.


Although smaller in overall size, anti-vaccination clusters manage to become highly entangled with undecided clusters in the main online network, whereas pro-vaccination clusters are more peripheral. The researchers’ theoretical framework reproduces the recent explosive growth in anti-vaccination views, and predicts that these views will dominate in a decade.


They think insights provided by this framework can inform new policies and approaches to interrupt this shift to negative views. Their results challenge the conventional thinking about undecided individuals in issues of contention surrounding health, shed light on other issues of contention such as climate change, and highlight the key role of network cluster dynamics in multi-species ecologies.


As SARS-CoV2 outbreaks in the whole world, Cloud-Clone appeals public should pay attention to the signs of anti-vaccine and anti-science, we will always try our best to provide products and services in anti-virus, immunity, medicine and biological fields.


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