Recombinant Fibulin 1 (FBLN1)

Product No.: RPC472Hu02

Organism species: Homo sapiens (Human)

Recombinant Gasdermin A (GSDMA)

Product No.: RPE531Hu01

Organism species: Homo sapiens (Human)

GSDM; GSDM1; FKSG9; Gasdermin; Gasdermin 1

Recombinant Early Region 1A Protein (E1A)

Product No.: RPB173Ge01

Organism species: Pan-species (General)

Early E1A 32 kDa protein

Recombinant Heat Shock 40kDa Protein 3 (HSPF3)

Product No.: RPG166Mu01

Organism species: Mus musculus (Mouse)

HSP-F3; DNAJB2; HSJ1; DnaJ(Hsp40)Homolog,Subfamily B,Member 2; Heat shock protein J1

Recombinant Transglutaminase 1, Keratinocyte (TGM1)

Product No.: RPB773Hu02

Organism species: Homo sapiens (Human)

TGK; ICR2; KTG; LI; LI1; TGASE; Transglutaminase K; K Polypeptide Epidermal Type I; Protein-Glutamine-Gamma-Glutamyltransferase

Recombinant Hyaluronidase (HAase)

Product No.: RPB217Hu01

Organism species: Homo sapiens (Human)

Hyaluronic Lase; Hyaluroniclase

Recombinant Connexin 37 (CX37)

Product No.: RPB466Hu02

Organism species: Homo sapiens (Human)

GJA4; GJ-A4; Gap Junction Protein Alpha 4

Recombinant Syndecan 1 (SDC1)

Product No.: RPB966Ra02

Organism species: Rattus norvegicus (Rat)

CD138; SDC; SYND1; Syndecan Proteoglycan 1

Recombinant Adiponectin (ADP)

Product No.: RPA605Ra02

Organism species: Rattus norvegicus (Rat)

GBP28; ApM1; AdipoQ; Acrp30; ACDC; APM1; C1Q And Collagen Domain Containing; Adipocyte Complement-Related Protein Of 30 KDa; Adipose Most Abundant Gene Transcript 1

Recombinant Major Basic Protein (MBP)

Product No.: RPB650Hu02

Organism species: Homo sapiens (Human)

PRG2; BMPG; Proteoglycan 2; Bone Marrow,Natural Killer Cell Activator; Eosinophil Granule Major Basic Protein; Proteoglycan 2,Bone Marrow; Pregnancy-associated major basic
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