1. Porcine
Polyclonal Antibody to E-cadherin

PAA017Po01 | Sus scrofa; Porcine (Pig)

CDHE; CD324; CDH1; Arc1; ECAD; CDH-E; E-CAD; LCAM; UVO; Cadherin 1 Type 1; Uvomorulin; E-Cadherin; Calcium-Dependent Adhesion Protein, Epithelial; Liver Cell Adhesion Molecule
ELISA Kit for Alpha-2-Heremans Schmid Glycoprotein (AHSG)

SEA178Po | Sus scrofa; Porcine (Pig)

aHSG; HSGa; A2HS; AHS; FETUA; HSG-A2; Fetuin-A; Alpha 2-HS Glycoprotein; Fetuin A; Alpha-2-Z-Globulin; Ba-alpha-2-Glycoprotein
Polyclonal Antibody to Complement Component 3 (C3)

PAA861Po01 | Sus scrofa; Porcine (Pig)

ASP; CPAMD1; Complement Protein C3; C3 and PZP-like alpha-2-macroglobulin domain-containing protein 1; C3a anaphylatoxin; Acylation stimulating protein
Polyclonal Antibody to Erythropoietin (EPO)

PAA028Po01 | Sus scrofa; Porcine (Pig)

EP; Epoetin; Erythropoetin; Hematopoietin; Hemopoietin
Polyclonal Antibody to S100 Calcium Binding Protein A12 (S100A12)

PAB080Po01 | Sus scrofa; Porcine (Pig)

CGRP; P6; CAAF1; CAGC; ENRAGE; MRP6; Calgranulin C; Calcium-binding protein in amniotic fluid 1; Extracellular newly identified RAGE-binding; Migration inhibitory factor-related 6
Polyclonal Antibody to Hemoglobin (HB)

PAB409Po01 | Sus scrofa; Porcine (Pig)

Hgb; Haemoglobin; Heterotetramer(αβ)2
Recombinant Von Willebrand Factor (vWF)

RPA833Po01 | Sus scrofa; Porcine (Pig)

F8VWF; VWD; von Willebrand antigen 2
Recombinant Erythropoietin (EPO)

RPA028Po01 | Sus scrofa; Porcine (Pig)

EP; Epoetin; Erythropoetin; Hematopoietin; Hemopoietin
Recombinant Thyroglobulin (TG)

RPA355Po03 | Sus scrofa; Porcine (Pig)

Recombinant Thrombopoietin (TPO)

RPA135Po03 | Sus scrofa; Porcine (Pig)

THPO; MGDF; MKCSF; ML; MPLLG; Myeloproliferative Leukemia Virus Oncogene Ligand; Megakaryocyte Growth And Development Factor; Megakaryocyte Stimulating Factor
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