Wilms Tumor Protein (WT1)



Wilms Tumor Protein (WT1)
Wilms tumor protein is a transcription factor that contains four zinc-finger motifs at the C-terminus and a proline/glutamine-rich DNA-binding domain at the N-terminus. It has an essential role in the normal development of the urogenital system, and it is mutated in a subset of patients with Wilms' tumor, the gene's namesake. Multiple transcript variants, resulting from alternative splicing at two coding exons, have been well characterized. There is also evidence for the use of non-AUG (CUG) translation initiation site upstream of, and in-frame with the first AUG, leading to additional isoforms.WT1 mRNA undergoes RNA editing in human and rat, and that this process is tissue-restricted and developmentally regulated.The WT1 protein has been found to bind a host of cellular factors, e.g. p53, a known tumor suppressor.

Organism species: Homo sapiens (Human)

ProteinsRPF116Hu01Recombinant Wilms Tumor Protein (WT1)Positive Control; Immunogen; SDS-PAGE; WB.
CPF116Hu21OVA Conjugated Wilms Tumor Protein (WT1)Immunogen; SDS-PAGE; WB.
AntibodiesPAF116Hu01Polyclonal Antibody to Wilms Tumor Protein (WT1)WB; IHC; ICC; IP.
MAF116Hu21Monoclonal Antibody to Wilms Tumor Protein (WT1)WB; IHC; ICC; IP.
PAF116Hu08Polyclonal Antibody to Wilms Tumor Protein (WT1)WB; IHC; ICC; IP.
Assay KitsSEF116HuELISA Kit for Wilms Tumor Protein (WT1)Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for Antigen Detection.
SCF116HuCLIA Kit for Wilms Tumor Protein (WT1)Chemiluminescent immunoassay for Antigen Detection.

Organism species: Mus musculus (Mouse)

ProteinsCPF116Mu21OVA Conjugated Wilms Tumor Protein (WT1)Immunogen; SDS-PAGE; WB.
AntibodiesPAF116Mu08Polyclonal Antibody to Wilms Tumor Protein (WT1)WB; IHC; ICC; IP.
Assay Kitsn/aCLIA Kit for Wilms Tumor Protein (WT1)CLIA Kit Customized Service Offer
n/aELISA Kit for Wilms Tumor Protein (WT1)ELISA Kit Customized Service Offer

Organism species: Rattus norvegicus (Rat)

ProteinsCPF116Ra21OVA Conjugated Wilms Tumor Protein (WT1)Immunogen; SDS-PAGE; WB.
AntibodiesPAF116Ra08Polyclonal Antibody to Wilms Tumor Protein (WT1)WB; IHC; ICC; IP.
Assay Kitsn/aCLIA Kit for Wilms Tumor Protein (WT1)CLIA Kit Customized Service Offer
n/aELISA Kit for Wilms Tumor Protein (WT1)ELISA Kit Customized Service Offer
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