Zinc Finger Protein 19 (ZNF19)


KOX12; Zinc finger protein KOX12

Zinc Finger Protein 19 (ZNF19)
ZNF19 contains a zinc finger, a nucleic acid-binding domain present in many transcription factors. This gene is located in a region next to ZNF23, a gene also encoding a zinc finger protein, on chromosome 16.Bray et al. (1991) screened a placental genomic library at moderate stringency with a degenerate oligodeoxynucleotide probe designed to hybridize to the his/cys (H/C) link region between adjoining zinc fingers. Genomic clones were cross-hybridized with a set of 30 zinc finger-encoding cDNAs (KOX1-KOX30) isolated from a human T-cell cDNA library. KOX12 matched one of the genomic clones and was mapped to 16q22 by chromosomal in situ suppression hybridization with fluorescent probe detection. Rousseau-Merck et al. (1991) concluded from in situ hybridization experiments that ZNF19 shows 'a double localization on chromosome 19q13 and chromosome 16q23.'

Organism species: Homo sapiens (Human)

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