A novel series of High Sensitive(HS) ELISA Kits is widely used on residue detection

Cloud-Clone Corp.

Why we need the High Sensitive ELISA Kits ?
In the processes of biological products preparation, it is inevitable to use BSA, OVA or ALB as protection protein or carrier protein, hence, the residue detection is critical for the quality of biological products; besides, residue detection were also broadly utilized to determine the metabolism and effect of the medicine in Medical and Physiology research, for instance, salmon calcitonin detection, etc.

Generally, the concentration of residue is very low, some of them are just at the level of pg/ml, so, it is quite difficult for detection. Based on this situation, higher sensitive detection Kits are needed. Cloud-Clone Corp. have developed a series of High-Sensitive (HS) ELISA Kit by using high-specific monoclonal antibodies and high-efficient signal amplification system.


Technical Features
Table 1 Advantages of High Sensitive ELISA Kit

How to choose the High Sensitive Kits?
Researchers usually choose different Kits according to their different experiments. Take the detection of Albumin for example: ELISA Kit(CEB028Hu)could be used in detection of albumin in the serum or plasma samples (albumin, protein with highest abundance in serum, with mg/ml level), however, HS Kit (HEB028Hu) could be chosen while detection of albumin in pathological samples, such as urine (the concentration of albumin in urine sample varies from 0 to ug/ml according to the degree of injury). The sensitivity of HS ELISA Kit of human Albumin is 20000 times higher than the conventional ELISA Kit, HS ELISA Kit can be used to detect the lower albumin concentration ( as low as 0.048ng/ml), even albumin co-exists with other high concentration proteins. Another HS ELISA Kit of HEX655Ge is widely used to determine the quality of E.coli expressed recombinant protein products by specifically detection of the core protein of E.coli (sensitivity reaches 0.043ng/ml).