Advanced Glycation End Product (AGE) ELISA Kit is a good choice for carbohydrate metabolism research

Cloud-Clone Corp.

Advanced Glycation End products (AGEs) is a general term for series of stable and highly active end-end products formed by non-enzymatic glycosylation reaction. The structure of AGE is highly heterogeneous. The accumulation of AGE in the body would cause various complications from diabetes. Recent studies suggest that advanced glycation end products (AGEs) would lead to defects in insulin secretion and the development of type 1 diabetes through damage to mitochondrial function. As a new clinical indicator, AGEs detection is valuable for investigating the mechanisms of derangement of glucose metabolism and estimation of treatment effect.

Due to acid instability and complex structure of protein hydrolyzate, it is very difficult to isolate AGEs. We Cloud-Clone Corp. obtained AGEs with high purity by in vitro reaction of glucose and BSA resulting in glycosylation of BSA. Then we also obtained monoclonal antibody of AGEs by hybridoma technique. Currently, removing cross-reactivity of AGEs antibody and BSA is a main technical difficulty. To get over this difficulty, Cloud-Clone Corp. have developed a special purification method and acquired AGEs antibody with high specificity.

By utilizing monoclonal antibody of AGEs, Cloud-Clone Corp. have developed detection Kit for Advanced Glycation End Product. (ELISA Kit for Advanced Glycation End Product (AGE), CEB353Ge). The minimum detection value is 36.3ng/ml. Both of the detection sensitivity and detection rate are much higher than other AGEs Kit (ug/mL) in the current market. Meanwhile, Cloud-Clone Corp. has also released other detection Kits (table 1) which can be used for the study of carbohydrate metabolism. For example, ELISA Kit for Gastric Inhibitory Polypeptide (GIP) (CEA882Hu) has been awarded a patent certificate (ZL 2012 2 0224439.9).