Good news, primary cardiac myocytes are online

Cloud-Clone Corp.

Currently, Cloud-Clone Corp. can provide large numbers of neonatal rat myocardial cells (CSI007Ra01). Primary cardiac myocytes are oval or irregular star, and rhythmically beating. And they can be supplied as the fresh or frozen form with high purity and survival, so they could be used in the cardiovascular, cardiac tissue research and a variety of physiological and biochemical experiments.

As we know, cell culture in vitro can supplement the shortage of  in vivo test, and it can make the cell function research more operable. However, it is more and more difficult to be convinced of the cell line data. Cell line misidentification and impurity, different genetic phenotype and other factors make the researchers to be more inclined to the primary cells. Primary cardiac myocytes can maintain the particular structure, function and rhythmically beating. And the cell culture is simple, quantitative, good repeatability and not subject to neurohormonal factors.

Myocardial cells are mostly short columnar with a nucleus located in the central . Their physiological characteristics include autorhythmicity, conductivity, excitability and contractility. Based on these characteristics, myocardial cells can be divided into two types:

1.Ordinary working cells without autorhythmicity, including atrial and ventricular myocytes, such as H9C2 and AC16 cells.

2.Special differentiated myocardial cells, known as autorhythmic cells, such as, p cell and purkinje cell.

Primary cardiac myocytes can rhythmically beat, but it is difficult to obtain highly purified cells. The common practice is to collect neonatal rat heart, cut it into pieces, digest it with type II collagenase and trypsin, and get myocardial cells by differential adherent separation.

 Rat myocardial cells have proliferative capacity within 3 days after birth, and they can be used as primary cardiac myocytes. Adult rat myocardial cells are terminally differentiated cells. The shorter the time after birth, the higher the survival rate of isolated myocardial cells , the easier for adherent growth.

 The primary cardiac myocytes (CSI007Ra01) which are provided by Cloud-Clone Corp. with high survival, and they are negative for HIV-1, HBV, HCV, mycoplasma, bacteria, yeast and fungi. Upon receiving the cells, please treat them according to the manual, and then do subsequent experiments.

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