VCP-marker of cell autophagy

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We have introduced cell autophagy marker LC3 before, and now let’s talk about the new marker VCP, which mediates cell endocytosis and autophagy.

Valosin Containing Protein (VCP) is a membrane-associated glycoprotein associated with multicellular activity, and its two tandem ATPase domains (named D1 and D2) are shown in Fig 1. As a class of like-chaperones, VCP can play an important role in the endoplasmic reticulum-associated protein degradation and cell cycle regulation, mediating intracellular transport and autophagy. After combination of VCP and its cofactor UFD1-NPL4, ubiquitination-folding proteins could happen degradation.

Fig1. Schematic diagram of VCP domain structure (from wiki)

Cloud-Clone Corp. has developed many products aimed at VCP, including recombinant proteins (RPC601Hu01, RPC601Ra01), antibodies (MAC601Hu21,  MAC601Ra21, PAC601Hu01, PAC601Ra01) and ELISA kits (SEC601Hu, SEC601Ra). These products can be good experimental tools for researchers to study the autophagy-related mechanisms. Meanwhile, we will provide the most professional technical support and service!

Please refer to more autophagy-related proteins, including ATGs (SEL224Hu, SEN942Hu,  SEL221Hu,  SEL222Hu), FRAP (SEB806Hu), Bcl2 (SEA778Hu),TP53 (SEA928Hu), Beclin 1 (SEJ557Hu), SLC3A2 (SEE348Hu), Sequestosome 1 (SED198Hu), LMTK3 (SEE375Hu) and so on.

Ps, The discovery of cell autophagy has been awarded Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 2016, and it is hot related this field. Then let’s conduct scientific predictive analysis of the Nobel Prize in 2017.

1. Tumor immunotherapy is expected to be alternatives for surgery, chemotherapy and  radiotherapy.

2. Intestinal flora, as the hottest research, it can play great role in the new treatment of disease. we have clearer and better study of the structure and function of intestinal flora.

3. CRISPR/CAS9 gene editing technique is considered to be another precise and efficient "gene scissors", and it has been applied in various fields.

4. Cellular mechanisms of oxygen chemoreception clarify the basic principle of oxygen concentration in cells at the molecular level, and reveal important signal mechanism, which is of great significance to the development of related diseases.

5. Anti-hepatitis C virus drugs can bring gospel to thousands of patients. Preparation of the drugs is based on the replication mechanism research of hepatitis C virus, and these drugs have good treatment effect and high security.

The subsequent topics will go into further detail, and looking forward to your attention!

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