Nitroimidazoles (NDZ)

Nitroimidazole organic compounds are a class of drugs with a nitroimidazole ring structure, including metronidazole (MNZ), dimetridazole (DMZ), isopropiconazole (IPZ), seconidazole (SCZ) Ornidazole (ONZ), Tinidazole (TNZ) and Lonidazole (RNZ), etc. Nitroimidazole has antiprotozoal and antibacterial activity, it is the most commonly used antibiotic for the treatment and prevention of infections caused by anaerobic bacteria. Therefore, Nitroimidazole is very important in the treatment of abdominal and gynecological sepsis, abscesses and tetanus. However, due to the mutagenicity and potential carcinogenicity of Nitroimidazole, Nitroimidazole is prohibited drugs in many countries.

Organism species: Pan-species (General)

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